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Re: [IP] Mac Compatible Software

At 08:56 PM 9/28/02, you wrote:
>I've seen several postings about software for Macintosh computers.  That's
>all we have in our house, including an almost new iMac.  I contacted Lifescan
>about the lack of a program for Mac users, because my daughter uses One Touch
>Ultra meters (we have accumulated 4).  I would love to be able to use some
>sort of computer software for recording, graphing her counts, carbos,
>insulin, etc.  Lifescan said they did a survey and found that the majority of
>their users were "windows" users, so they had the software developed for
>them.  Maybe if more of us "Mac Lovers" email and ask for mac stuff they will
>realize we're out here and an important part of their customer base.  Someone
>a few weeks ago posted a way to use the program with a mac, but you have to
>have virtual PC and a bunch of cables and other things that I would never be
>able to figure out.  That's what I love about MACS-they are so user friendly
>to the non-computer oriented person--so let's get that email going and let
>the MAC voice be heard!
>Sherry, mom to Liz, dx 3/01, ppMM508-5/02

Isn't there a software program that a Mac user can get that allows a Mac 
computer to run windows programs (or is it just Linux that has that type of 

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