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[IP] I'm a cheater too!

...and proud of it!

How many times has someone said to me:
"my [brother/uncle/grandmother/parrot] is
a diabetic too, but [he/she/it] cheats."
(the last part usually in a whisper)

It's sad that it's seen as OK for most folks
to occasionally "indulge", "have a treat",
"eat dessert", "get the munchies", or
"eat a fried snickers bar", but for a diabetic,
it's cheating.

[OK, OK, I wouldn't *really* eat a fried snickers
bar (at least not a whole one).  But I bet I could
figure out how to cover it with a dual-wave bolus--
just wouldn't want to risk...the stomach-ache.]

I think the next time someone asks me if I have
good control, I'll say:

"Absolutely--I cheat as often as I like"


Arnold Berkowitz <email @ redacted > wrote:
... I attempt to keep my numbers good, and my
result honest... but we all cheat, although
some of us admit it and some don't.

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