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[IP] One Touch Ultra The Continuing Saga

    I called my pharmacy about the empty vial of strips that was fresh out of
the box I received them in. The pharmacist asked me if the box was sealed when
I first got it. I told him yes, that I had to cut the seal. He told me that
there really wasn't anything that he could do for me. He told me to call the
manufacturer. Well, thank you Wal-Mart pharmacy for your assistance. It's a
good thing I wasn't low on strips!
    I called Lifescan after my great success with Wal-Mart. The representative
told me he would send me a replacement vial of 30 strips. Wow, an extra 5
strips for my trouble! When I asked about getting a backup meter he told me
that there is a rebate going on now of $40.00 plus another $25.00 if I trade
in an old meter.
    Gee, all I have to do is go to Wal-Mart and pay $49.99 for another One
Touch Ultra and wait 6 to 8 weeks for my rebate. I won't know until I read the
fine print if I will get the full $65.00 with the trade-in and rebate thus
making a 15.00 profit <grin>.It is better than nothing though.
    I also mentioned problems with a data cable. He told me I would have to
contact their data management division at another number. I wonder what they
will have to offer? Maybe a free genuine imitation leather carrying case for
the cable if I buy a new one?
    When I owned a One Touch Basic I got the cable for free. When I lost the
cable and called to buy a new one they sent me another one for free. It used
to be that if I ever had even the slightest problem with a meter they were all
over the situation with good customer service to keep me buying strips from
them instead of someone else. I guess since there are so many more diabetics
it is okay to slack off on the service now.
    I'm going to fill out there web form to see if I get any different
results. Whether it be positive or negative I will let you all know so tune in
next time for another episode of One Touch The Continuing Saga <grin>.
Cody S. Alderson
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