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[IP] re: One-touch Ultra & back-up meters

I have requested back-up meters from every company I
have ever owned a meter from (about 6 of them in the
house currently).  The customer service reps have
never questioned my need for one - they just put it in
a box and send it out fed-ex at NO CHARGE to me.  I
keep one in the kitchen and one in my briefcase.

Which reminds me - my insurance will only pay for one
type of strip.  So I have two meters (four actually)
that are laying around gathering dust and taking up
space.  They are fairly new.  Two of them use the
Active Strips with a 5 second response. The other two
are the same brand, but use something other than the
Active Strips (Comfort Curve maybe?) with a 45 second
wait time.  

If someone wants them - IF YOU DON'T HAVE INSURANCE -
e-mail me off list. 

While I'm giving away stuff...
I also have a bunch of pump supplies that I won't use
-some of the 9mm softsets QR and about a million 3cc
things (why do they think we need a new one with every

And for the 507/507c/508
at least one sports case, a neoprene case, and several
soft cases.  Don't know why I have all that stuff -
never ordered it, never plan on using it.

And I might even have 2 bottles of Humalog in the
'fridge that are new.  My insurance agreed to pay for

I should clean house more often, eh??

-gail in denver
dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish.

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