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[IP] Proving "them" wrong

Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but it's still my
right.  And if I piss anyone off - good - that means
you are not illiterate!! :-)  

I have never been limited from any activity in my life
by diabetes (30+ years IDDM, am nearly 42 years old). 
My BG has NEVER been stable - even on the pump. Was on
MDI beginning in 1976 before I started pumping in

I traveled for a month on safari in Africa in 1979 -
pre-pump.  In fact, I think that I traveled more
pre-pump that now.  So, in reality pumping has not
really changed that part of my life.  Getting through
an airport security check has never been a problem -
with just bottles of insulin and syringes or now
adding all my pump supplies to that equation.  And
I've eaten some fairly amazing things during all my
travels around the world.  I just take enough insulin
to cover it.

I breast fed my son for nearly a year after he was
born in 1987.  It never occured to me to ask "can a
diabetic breast feed?".  If someone had had the
audacity to say to me that a diabetic cannot breast
feed, I would have 1) told them they were wrong and 2)
showed them differently.

In 1993, when I was told that diabetics cannot donate
blood to the local blood center - I got Belle Bonfils
to change their policy.  What - they thought someone
would catch diabetes from my donation??!?  Have passed
the 2 gallon mark now.  Should have been giving more,
but low blood pressure keeps me from being there more

I took up tennis in 1999 - during a bout with adhesive
capsulitis (my left shoulder that time - had already
had a closed manipulation done 3 years earlier on my
right shoulder).  Am still playing tennis - managed to
live through a second manipulation.  Gawd those hurt,
but I have full function in both shoulders.  And yes,
they still give me pains when my BG is high about once
a day.

I argue with my meter when it say 500+ and I don't
have any symptoms other than being b!tchy.  I argue
with my meter when it says 18 and I don't have any
symptoms too.  Falls on deaf ears I suppose.  Oh -
these numbers are within a 24 hours time span -
REGULARLY.  My A1c has yet to fall below 7.1.

But, I keep on plugging along.  I do not center my
life around diabetes.  It is not at the top of my list
of things to worry about.  World wars and the quality
of our water supply and whether or not my non-DM son
has missed his curfew tend to keep diabetes from the
forefront of my thoughts.

A long while ago, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross proposed
several stages of dealing with death.  That was
extrapolated to dealing with a serious illness.  The
first stages deal with anger and denial.  The final
stage is acceptance.  I accepted that I have diabetes
a long time ago.  That is why I don't fight it.  I
just take care of it.  I don't allow it to take over
my life in some fashion that keeps me from living a
very good life - despite having it.  My attitude
toward it is really "oh well".  What else can I do? 
Obsess?  Well gee, that's why I take anti-anxiety
meds! :-)

It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.


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