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[IP] RE: breastfeeding and diabetes

Hooray for you, RoseLea, and all of us who breastfed back when we were
told we "couldn't". Of course we could, we did! though not always as
successfully as it is possible to do now that we have pumps and meters,

All of you who are pregnant now or trying to conceive CAN breast feed
(witness some IP members who successfully breastfed their babies for
more than 2 years). Not only can you breastfeed, it is best for your
babies as it is for the babies of mothers who are not diabetic. Go for
it! Don't let anyone give you grief and tell you you shouldn't! Monitor
your bgs and make adjustments. It is more than worth it.
mom to Scott, 33, healthy, happy and doesn't have diabetes (though he is
at risk for type 2 since it is rampant in his dad's family).

> I breastfed my daughter in 1978 when it WAS unheard of for a diabetic 
> mother to breastfeed.  Back in those days we didn't have glucose meters for 
> testing blood sugar so it was a real crap shoot at times as to how you were 
> doing.  I had lots of trouble with lows and adjusting my Regular and NPH 
> injection regimen.
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