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Re: [IP] My Bad One Touch Ultra Experience

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From: "Alderson Arts"


Anyway, he said they would overnight me a new one by FEDEX, but I won't
get it until Tuesday because there distribution centers are closed for
weekend. I wanted to complain to him about getting a backup meter but
it would be a waste of time (I'm going to email Lifescan about this and
for a backup meter).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I
had the exact same thing happen to my daughter the other day. She came to
me just before afternoon snack time saying she was low. I poked her
finger and when I put the blood in the strip, it went blank. Tried again,
after it did the calibration reading, it went blank before I got the
reading. OK, time's a wasting here...went for the backup meter (also a 1
touch ultra), it did the EXACT same thing!! WTF??? No time to
troubleshoot here...time to get some quick carbs in her. After giving her
a couple of spoonfuls of honey, and about 30 minutes later, she was only
at 82 (both meters worked fine after the urgency of the situation went
away, wouldn't you know). I put brand new batteries in both meters and
still nothing. The meters weren't cold and there was no explanation for
the malfunctions (that I could determine).That is the only time since dx
last Nov. that we've had any problems with this meter, but it figures
(thanks Murphy) that it would happen in such a dangerous t! ime!!Lifescan
was agreeable to overnight me 2 new ones, and I have to return the bad
ones. Steve  Dad to Sydne(3) dx'd Nov '01


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