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Re: [IP] meter programs and pda's


I use Precision Link, but I just downloaded EZManager ( free 30 day trial
)  from www.animascorp.com for the PC and the PDA. In the process of
testing it now.

>1. What are you using and how did you make this choice  My meter is a
MediSense Precision Xtra, was the best meter available at the time here
in Ontario, Canada.Samll sample required, although it takes 20 seconds
for results.Also does ketone tests with special strips.Individually
wrapped strips.Fairly compact size.Has a back lit screen for darkness
operation.Comes with a carry pouch big enough for all your meter
accessories, like strips, lancets, etc.I purchased the Precision Link

>2. What is the best feature of the program

The meter has enough memory for 450 BG tests, so you don't have to
download every day. You can do it on a weekly, even a monthly basis.

You can set the meter and the program for either of the 2 different BG
units ( mmol/L or mg/dl ).

The program will produce reports for 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months or all
data in it. It will calcute averages, medians, and percentages of
control. Ilike the percentages feature, because it comes very to a 2-3
months a1c reading.


>3. What is missing that you wish it would do

Ability to delete any records. Example: my kid is 22 and I test him about
every 2 months; I also test my wife 4-6 times a year. Some friends of
ours wanted to know what it felt like, so I tested them also. So now, I
have a bunch of readings ( all Normal though ) that influence my monthly
report, and I cannot delete them.

It can only download to PC, not PDA.

>4. Cost

The meter was free ( Free meter exchange for my old one ). The software
came with the necessary cables and cost $ 82.00 canadian ( including
taxes ).

>5. Web sites

www.medisense.com and www.animascorp.com if you wish to investigate


Michel J. Boucher,

Air Traffic Control Simulation.

If the Black boxes can survive an airplane crash, why don't they they
make the whole aircraft with that stuff !!!

 email @ redacted




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