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Re: [IP] start pump

I'd definitely suggest calling your CDE to get
specific instructions.

I was advised to take half the usual Lantus
2 nights before pump start, and skip Lantus
entirely the night before--YMMV.

Of course, I messed up and didn't follow the
instructions exactly--I took my usual Lantus
(instead of half) 2 nights before.  But I did
manage to remember to skip Lantus the night before.

I don't think this really hurt the pump start
though, because the basals were set pretty
conservatively.  We understood that there would
be some pooled insulin hanging around for a little
while and set the basals accordingly.


Hello I have a start pump question.  My daughter will
be hooked up Tuesday
morning and now she takes 10 units of NPH at breakfast
and 10 units of Lantus
at bedtime when do we stop the long acting to get
ready for the pump?  Thank

  Paulette Love

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