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[IP] not getting my point

Would I rather have cancer?  Would I rather be blind? Would I rather lose an
  arm or a leg or be paralyzed?  No, I don't think so but I don't think there
  is anything wrong with any of us venting or complaining or talking about the
  numerous complications that CAN happen to a diabetic.

    i understand if you want to vent about the complications in being a diabetic...but do you have ANYTHING else youd rather talk about? doesnt it make you miserable and sad to constantly think about these complications that might affect your life later??  wouldnt you rather just enjoy the beauties of life TODAY??  look, as a diabetic, im not saying this disease isnt a bitch or a big deal....its a huge deal...but i hate when people constantly talk about all these bad things that are possibly going to happen to them....why drown in your sorrows and misery, expecting something that may or may not even happen..

   enjoy life NOW...you might walk out on the street, slip on a banana peel, and break your neck....how about that for a diabetic complication??
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