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Re: [IP] start pump

On 9/28/02 1:55 PM, "The Love's" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello I have a start pump question.  My daughter will be hooked up Tuesday
> morning and now she takes 10 units of NPH at breakfast and 10 units of Lantus
> at bedtime when do we stop the long acting to get ready for the pump?  Thank
> you
> Paulette Love

Basically when your CDE tells you to.   Most pump starts will forego the
injection the evening before a start.  Some might prescribe switching to
Regular the day before a start.   Whichever, you can expect some residual
long term insulin effects for some time (few days to weeks).  I haven't ever
used Lantus, so I don't know how they would deal with that, perhaps use it
instead of the NPH in the morning the day before the start.

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