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[IPn] Your 2 cents worth on pump features

Pumpers and friends near Minneapolis,

A market research company is seeking your opinions about the 
features and operation of your current pump, as well as your opinions 
about some new pump features that may be available soon. Here's the 
information and criteria for participation....

Focus group meetings will be held in Edina, MN (near Minneapolis)
on October 10, 2002, and will take approximately 2 hours. A small 
honorarium will be paid ($75) for attending and participating in the
meeting. Participants can be either men or women who have diabetes
and are currently using an insulin pump.

If you are available on 10-10-02 in the Minneapolis area and would
like to participate then please......
CALL (952) 920-0777, BETWEEN 8 AM AND 9 PM
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website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org