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Re: [IP] Breastfeeding and Diabetes

At 05:12 AM 9/28/02, "Kristen Olgren" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Oh, this makes me mad!  That kind of misinformation still going around out 
>there . . .  You CAN breastfeed.  If you can't, it won't be having 
>diabetes that stops you.  There are a couple of things to tell you about 
>it first though.

I breastfed my daughter in 1978 when it WAS unheard of for a diabetic 
mother to breastfeed.  Back in those days we didn't have glucose meters for 
testing blood sugar so it was a real crap shoot at times as to how you were 
doing.  I had lots of trouble with lows and adjusting my Regular and NPH 
injection regimen.  You have to realize too back in those days, MDI was not 
the norm either.  You took one or two shots each day, although when I 
insisted on breastfeeding, my doctor (not even an endo) put me on an 
unheard of 3 shots per day.

>Sometimes, in mothers with diabetes, the milk takes a little longer to 
>come in.  My daughter was five days old and losing a lot of weight before 
>my milk came in, and I found out later that diabetics sometimes have a 
>delay in getting the milk to come in.  I used a starter supplemental 
>nutrition system (don't introduce a bottle until the baby is three or four 
>weeks old to avoid nipple confusion) and supplemented her on the fourth 
>day so she didn't lose too much weight.

I had no problems with my milk coming in, the day after she was born it was 
there.  Since I had a c-section, I didn't begin feeding her until that 
second day.  She was also 3 weeks early and was considered a preemie (at 8 
lbs 4 oz), and they kept her in an incubator that first day anyways.

I encourage any mother with diabetes to try breastfeeding.  I found it to 
be a very fulfilling experience.

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