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[IP] My Bad One Touch Ultra Experience

    Last night while at work I was going to test my BG before the end of my
shift and my drive home--my hypoglycemia awareness is not what it used to be.
I stuck a strip in the meter and nothing. So I stuck another strip in the
meter and nothing still. I never got a low battery symbol on the screen, and I
received the meter less than a month ago. I tried turning it on manually by
holding down the M button and still nothing.
    I then popped out the battery hoping for a generic reset because I did not
think the battery was dead. Still there was no response from the meter after
putting the battery back in. And yes the battery was in the correct way.
    At the end of my shift I drove home. While driving I started to see the
yellow spots in my field of vision letting me know I am going low. I got
through the low, and I got a new battery for the meter.
    When I got home I put the new battery in. No response whether I tried to
manually turn it on or use strips. Then I took the new battery back out and
put the old one back in. When I turned the meter over it was on in set-up mode
waiting for me to enter the date, time, etc.
    I called Lifescan and explained this to the representative. He said to
call them back if it happens again. Well, I got a little cranky then and told
him about the low driving home. He wanted to know if I required any medical
care. He wanted to know if I tested my BG and what meter I used. I told him
that I still have my DEX2 from Bayer but my insurance won't cover those strips
which is the only reason I got the One Touch to begin with.
    Anyway, he said they would overnight me a new one by FEDEX, but I won't
get it until Tuesday because there distribution centers are closed for the
weekend. I wanted to complain to him about getting a backup meter but figured
it would be a waste of time (I'm going to email Lifescan about this and ask
for a backup meter).
    Now one might think that this would be the end of the story. Well, it
isn't. When I was putting away my supplies I had my vial of strips that was
almost empty and my new vial fresh out of the box that I just got from the
pharmacy a couple of days ago. I picked it up and thought that it was kind of
light for a full vial. I opened it to find that it was empty. Not one solitary
strip was in the brand new vial. I'm going to call the pharmacy first then
tell Lifescan.
    Not knowing my BG before I drove home was life threatening. Fortunately I
made it home safely. I don't really want to carry around two meters but I
can't think of another option to be safe and sure.
    Other than this I had a pretty good day ;)

Cody S. Alderson
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