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[IP] Re: insurance coverage for pump

 At 05:29 PM 9/27/02 -0700, you wrote:
  >Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Maryland has a tricky way of
  >getting around thelegal restrictions Michael mentioned
  >and still not having to pay for the pump.  They put it
  >in the category of Durable Medical Equipment, along
  >with wheelchairs, iron lungs(yes), and respirators,
  >even though a pump lasts 4 years and these other
  >devices last about a century.  They have an annual cap
  >of $1,000 for Durable Medical Equipment. <snip> Does anyone have a 
  >before my retirement savings run out? >>

My annual DME cap is $2,500, so what I'm trying to do is work out a payment 
deal for my next pump so that the payments stretch out over a "two-year" 
period -- even if it's just December of one year and January of the next 
year. Maybe you could stretch yours out over a period and get more than one 
year's cap on a pump. It would save you something ... 

Jan and Elvis
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