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[IP] Re: is it really that bad? Revisted

Okay.  I'm beginning to be sorry I started this thread.  It has turned from
being interesting, to turning kind of personal.

So, let me revisit this.  First of all, I was pointing out how there are
such differing opinions about having diabetes (hence, saying
"contradictions" in the title).  Then, I was saying that, for me personally,
I just don't see how diabetes is all that bad.  Does that mean I don't wish
for a cure?  No.  But it just means diabetes is certainly a disease that you
can live with with effort.  Frankly, I can think of so many worse things.
I'd rather have diabetes than get cancer, or lose an arm, or go deaf, or go
blind (although, that one COULD be in my future...by likely not, since my
eyes are still perfect, other than my horrible prescription. :-)  I'd
certainly rather have diabetes than be diagnosed with kidney disease or
asthma, etc.  In fact, there have been, as I mentioned previiously, POSITIVE
things in my life as a result of my diabetes.  I've been able to help others
with diabetes, both emotionally and now (with the PDA software I'm writing)
in a practical way.  I've learned to be stronger and not fear as much.

Despite this, many have a completely different view.  And, while that view
is rather foreign to me, I certainly am not going to say that they are wrong
for feeling that way.  Instead, I can offer them peace, hope, support,
listening ear, etc.

But, PLEASE, stop taking it personally if someone feels differently!
Otherwise I'll have to figure out a way to go back in time and prevent
myself from ever starting this thread.  :-)

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