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[IP] Re: No Rx needed

I'm sorry, I have to disagree with Dr. Spot's
statement that "you can get regular insulin anywhere
in the world without a prescription".  I travel all
over the world regularly and several times left
Regular and NPH behind in a hotel or house.  In
several countries I could not get new insulin without
a prescription, a nightmare if you're traveling on a
schedule.  The most recent such experience was in
Norway.  The letter I always carry from my doctor was
of no use for this.
   I just want to mention also -- if you buy insulin
in another country (Humalog or whatever), be sure to
check the patient package insert and get it translated
if you have to.  Foreign insulins are often just as
good quality as ours but can have somewhat different
onset and duration times.
   A last travel tip:  if I'm traveling independently
(not on a tour) to a country where I don't speak the
language well, or not at all, I call the foreign
student department at my local university.  Foreign
students often don't have much money and will
translate my doctor's letter (listing my health
problems and medications)for $10.  And often, they're
so pleased I'm visiting their country, they me a lot
of info that isn't in any guidebook.
  My translated doctor's letter is the only thing that
saved me from arrest in Malaysia, where bringing in
hypodermics and the "wrong" injectable drugs carries a
death penalty.

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