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[IP] Negatives

>no offense to anyone, but i think this group has kind of
>lost its purpose, and its turning into a big buzzkill...all people are
doing is wining about how bad they have it and the complications that are
"inevitable" for us...not to mention the pessimism to a "cure" in the near

I take offense to calling this group "negative" and that we turn things into
a big buzzkill.

Each diabetic is totally different.  There is not one of us out there who
has the disease in the same way, gets the same effects from their insulin,
has the same effects from the foods we eat or when we exercise, blah, blah,

Now you sound like some of the doctors whom I have seen who seem to prefer
to treat diabetics as a typical book case syndrome and that is totally

This site is here to HELP people and if some people need to vent, then let
them vent.

I am a diabetic 36 years and there are times in my daily struggle with
trying to have as normal as I can blood sugars that I get totally frustrated
with the 1000 and one differentials as to why it isn't happening.

I have many complications and I see my disease similar to that of having a
cancer except that diabetes is eating away at my body slowly.

Would I rather have cancer?  Would I rather be blind? Would I rather lose an
arm or a leg or be paralyzed?  No, I don't think so but I don't think there
is anything wrong with any of us venting or complaining or talking about the
numerous complications that CAN happen to a diabetic.

My two cents worth!
Kathy B.
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