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Re: [IP] Re: is diabetes really that bad

> >When anyone who has had diabetes for 20 or more years, can find
> positive aspects of the disease, they are simply lying.

Not nice to imply someone is lying. I don't think anyone is claiming DM is a
bowl of cherries. What some people are saying (me included) is that DM is
what you make of it, and how you feel about depends on your attitude. No one
chose diabetes, but you can choose your attitude. I have been diabetic 38
years, been near death several times, and have some complications. But I
refuse to give up or let it eat at me. Every day is a gift, and I am
determined to make the most of it.

And there are physical benefits to that approach. For instance, my obsession
with achieving excellent control has led to (appropriate) weight loss and
"normal" lab scores. The key is motivation--for me it's seeing my kids grow
up--but it could be mountain climbing, performing arts, etc.

What I will admit is that DM has forced us to look at life differently than
others. But that can be a good thing if it leads us to appreciate the one
life to live that we have. I look at nondiabetics who complain about every
little thing, poison their bodies, treat others poorly, etc. I keep my mouth
shut but thank God for the (hard) lessons learned by being diabetic.

> For everyone: My original question wasn't do you wish you did or didn't
> have it...but is it that bad.

Boy, Ryan, did you open a can of worms! You go guy...

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