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[IP] Re: insurance coverage for pump

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Maryland has a tricky way of
getting around thelegal restrictions Michael mentioned
and still not having to pay for the pump.  They put it
in the category of Durable Medical Equipment, along
with wheelchairs, iron lungs(yes), and respirators,
even though a pump lasts 4 years and these other
devices last about a century.  They have an annual cap
of $1,000 for Durable Medical Equipment.  So I'm
paying $5,000 of my own money every 4 years.  
 Let's see now . . . the pump will give me longer life
so I can actually get to retirement age, but by the
time I get there the retirement money will have been
spent up on the pump. Does anyone have a suggestion
before my retirement savings run out?

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