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[IP] Re: Leaky Gut Syndrome and Lab Work

I'm still in the midst of learning a new e-mail program.  Please forgive 
me if this is a repeat.

I can't find my copy of the original "Leaky Gut Syndrome" lab work. ( I 
know it is here, somewhere.)

I do remember that the results came from Great Smokies Diagnostic 
Laboratory.  I checked their web site.  I do recall the test 
..."Intestinal Permeability Assessment".  It is not clear to me from the 
web site whether  the test was only blood work or only stool analysis or 
both.  I may have erred in suggesting blood work only.

I do recommend Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory.  My Canadian 
"environmental medicine"specialist (an MD) uses Great Smokies as well 
for a number of tests. She trusts their results.

Again, hope this helps,
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