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Re: [IP] Re: Attitude/Reality.

I do 10 sugars a day religiously and being pregnant, I have never taken my
diabetes more seriously. I call my doctor everyday and have appointments every
week amongst other things so I am very serious. I am not living life through a
rose coloured glass and I am very aware of the complications, and if they do
happen later on in life, I will cope with them then, not now when I don't know
what's going to happen. I've almost died, I've had in laws die of the disease,
I've had an aunt who died and had no legs, I had a baby who I couldn't see for
4 days when she was born because I was so sick I couldn't go down and visit
her so I'm very aware, I just refuse to spend my days depressed about
something that may or may not happen but I am aware of it.


As many of the emails *I* have read none of them said it was the "Worst"
thing they could have. I too spend my days being happy in general, but
living through Rose coloured glasses and avoiding the prospects of what
'COULD' happen only serves to delude us into false senses of security. I
visit my doctors, check my BGs, attempt to look after my meal plan, belong
to this list and choose to wear a pump. I choose to study and try new
things, but am also realistic: I won't learn how to drive a racecar with
being legally blind for example. I refuse to put on the face of a
"SUPERDIABETIC" whilst asking folks to contribute for a cure.

-- I have an iBook and am not afraid to use it!

Jenny Sutherland
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