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Re: [IP] Re: Attitude/Reality.

--- Jenny Sutherland <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Insulin Pumpers is I won't learn how to
> drive a racecar with
> being legally blind for example. I refuse to put on
> the face of a
> "SUPERDIABETIC" whilst asking folks to contribute
> for a cure.
> -- I have an iBook and am not afraid to use it!
> Jenny Sutherland

This is the first I have written on this thread.  I
generally am pretty much OK with my D, but boy, there
are times!  I think that most of us can get down from
time to time.  There are some of us who are really
suffering and having a hard time.  I think that my
thoughts when I first read the initial post were
mostly that I am glad that the original poster is OK
with her disease, but I know plenty of people who are
not.  I have one friend that is in total denial and
will surely die of diabetes related complications
because of his negligence.  I am lucky...type 1 later
in life, able to enjoy some of the recent advances and
no complications except for my teeth.  I love my pump
(no name yet...lol) and this list.   But I do get down
when I realize that I don't have the energy or ability
to just run out of the door without thinking about my
D.  For some darn reason, I am very senstive and just
am not able to easily maintain a normal blood sugar
reading.  Well, we all are unique, that is for sure. 
I think that there are certainly opportunities to be a
blessing to others that we meet as a result of this
disease.  Thanks for listening!  C.

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