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Re: [IP] Attitudes about diabetes

Thank you for your support. I've received some awful responses and by no means
did I intend to offend anyone, I am entitled to my opinion. I just don't want
to sit around the rest of my life and think of something that may or may not
happen and be depressed. I am terribly sorry if I have offended anyone because
this was not my intention at all. I've lived with the disease and certainly
know the struggles as well, despite my age, most 20 yr olds don't have to deal
with diabetes or having a family and I have both but I don't wish to swap my
life around with anyone. I love being a mum and wife and love the fact that I
am able to be a mum and wife. I'm glad to get a couple of responses that
weren't offensive since that's not what I intended to do (like I keep saying)
so thank you. We are all here to support to each and I know a lot of you don't
think I am being supportive but it's hard to when people think it's the worst
that can happen and don't have a positive attitude at all and accuse others of
lying just because they aren't depressed after having diabetes for 20 yrs.


I am the grandson of a diabetic grandmother who went blind with diabetic
retinopathy when I was 3. I am the son of a diabetic father who died of
multiple complications from D. I am the nephew of all of his siblings (9)
who have had or currently have either diabetes or other endocrine disorders
and most have died from them.... I have lived with diabetes all of my life and
very aware of the problems, seriousness and possible complications of this
disease. However much I want a cure and a preventative for my children and
grandchildren, I can not sit in a corner and feel sorry for myself, or feel
deprived of much of my live.

I got out of bed this morning. That is a BIG advance from my predicted life
expectancy at age 22 of 10 to 15 years. It is a big advance from my fathers
permanent disability at age 52, or his brother's death from complications at
age 35.

Do I have complications? Not so that they slow me down. Will I have
complications? Probably, but I don't have time to sit and worry or cry about
that. I will deal with them if and when the arise. Do I expect a cure? "In
five years." Heard that since I was five.

Just for informational reasons my last A1c was 6.2 and my C-peptide was 0.3.

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