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[IP] Contrdictions , or is it really that bad

This is a very interesting thread.  I am responding in a new message because I
am a new poster and don't know yet how to have my post show up where I mean
for it to.

It is with interest I have read the posts discussing if it is better to be
dxed as a child or an adult.  I would not want to be dxed as a child.  I was
told I had D in 1982 when I was 42.  I learned in the office of  the plant
doctor where I worked.  Employees were each given an annual physical exam at
that time and it was a nice benefit.  The company got good mileage out of this
and liked to say how we were saving $400 with each exam.  The exam was
comprehensive and thorough including blood work that was sent uptown to a lab
and results returned.  Things operated like so many medical organizations did
and do where no news is good news and you never heard from anyone unless there
was a concern.  So I was called to an appt with the plant doc about a week
after my physical exam and of course was wondering what was up.  I was ushered
into the nice carpeted, paneled, well furnished office being told to close the
door and take a seat in the nice upholstered chair across the desk from where
the doc sat.  I was told calmly that my Bg result was as I recall 210.  Also
the doc said, we have looked at the results of your past exams and your Bg's
have been high for the past 5 years.  You have had D for at least 5 years and
I am so sorry for not catching it.  So they were good at giving physical exams
but not so good on analyzing results and follow through.  More proof that
YMMV.  But I digress.

So there I was, a macho 42 year old guy being told calmly that I had a
chronic, incurable, life long, life changing affliction and it simply went
right over my head,did not register.   I was healthy, I was in great shape,  I
was running 4 or 5 times a week and working out at a gym, my pulse was under
50.  I was a clean living guy with no vices, no excesses (maybe chocolate),  a
career, a home, a beautiful loving wife and family.  I was bullet proof.

Also I had T2 which has to be better than being told you have T1.  I am not
sure where I am going with this but I am positive I have had it better than
most any child.  Been thru the many ways to treat D and now learning to go
24/7 with a pump.

Sincerely to all you kindred souls,  Rex
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