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[IP] glucowatch vs insurance - help

My insurance (BCBS_FL_Health Options) just called and told me that the
glucowatch is considered 'investigational' and they denied my
pre-certification request because investigation items are not covered.
ggrrrr. It has taken them 2 months to finally arrive at this decision. This
included me calling on an at least weekly basis - customer service managers
know me by name - but they kept giving me different fax numbers, pert cert
people responsible to fax to, tell me that they will call me back and never
do, etc.. I have at least one copy of when my doc faxed. Then they told me
that was wrong fax #, gave me new one, refaxed, turns out original fax#
correct. ggrrr. They claim the pre-cert is 2-3 day process so I am getting a
copy of the contractual docs to see if there is anything in there that makes
them answer sooner than 2 months. So hopefully I will get the appeal papers
this weekend or Monday (they claim). I will call the glucowatch rep again
and see if he can provide me with more results from studies. I was wondering
if anyone with BCBS has gotten approval and is willing to let me use their
name on the appeal to say that BCBS didn't consider the glucowatch
investigational for them. If yes, please email me directly. I really feel
for anyone having to go through this bs to get a pump. I thought getting
test strips for testing 10x/day was painful! I know  they are just hoping
that I give up.  :)
Many thanks,
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