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Re: [IP] Re: Pregnancy and Highs

I can't believe that you breastfeed for two years, that is wonderful. I wasn't
able to breastfeed my child because no one helped me at all and said that
formula would be better for her anyway since I was a diabetic and I was very
sick, no matter what happens with this pregnancy, I am going to try my
absolute hardest to breastfeed. Thanks for your advice.


I'm sure you won't encounter this....but  just in case ....after my son
was born he had trouble swallowing so he spent one day in Intensive Care
and then moved to an Observation Nursery for two weeks .  I asked for a
breast pump so he could have breast milk fed to him.  I was refused a
breast pump;  was told that diabetic mothers couldn't make breast milk.

It was a weekend.  I didn't find help for a week.    Vancouver, Canada
had a leading "breast feeding" research centre and I made contact with
them;  was given a "safe" pill to activate everything (I would not have
needed a "pill" if I had been able to get a breast pump at the hospital)
and breast fed my son for two years.

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