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[IP] Attitudes about diabetes


How does the ability to understand the gravity of a situation lead you to
infer that we have "negative attitudes" and "feel sorry for ourselves?"  Or
that we let it effect us negatively in the care of our children?  Or that we
in anyway don't "deal" with it?

And who says we can't change it?  In my view that is a very negative,
defeatist attitude.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Jacqui Hall"
> We all need to wake up and look at our attitude and change it. We have to
> think, okay, I have diabetes (or so and so has diabetes) and we have to
> it with and deal with it, we can't change that, so am I going to have a
> negative attitude towards it, feel sorry for myself and let it effect my
> disease, my life and my children for the rest of my life, or am I going to
> accept it, deal with it and say okay, I have diabetes but I am going to
> control it the best that I can and pray that things go well?
> Jacqui Hall
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