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Re: [IP] Sorta OT but kinda relevant

    The CDE that I was referred to by my doctor is part of a diabetes
education program connected with a local hospital that uses Medical Supply
Depot for pumps and supplies. Because of this I am not dealing with MiniMed
directly. The CDE got a written letter from my doctor for her to recommend
appropriate therapy. The doctor didn't want me to have a pump because he
didn't know much about them. He signed off agreeing that pump therapy would
be the best option for long term and MDI for short term while I wait to see
if I get approved by the insurance company for the pump.
    I don't have a strong dawn phenomenon but I do have one. I was told by
my CDE that the insurance company will want BG log books and at least two
A1c's. I have been without insurance for years so I have only one A1c done
in August of this year.

Cody S. Alderson

> Is the pump company working on this for you? Animas knew what UHC
> and we produced it for them....in our case a strong dawn phen....so you
> that?
> Beverly
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