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[IP] Re: Leaky Gut Syndrome

>> In a nutshell, leaky gut syndrome, as I have come to understand it,  
>> is a serious condition in which undigested food/ foreign toxins/ 
>> antigens leak through the intestinal wall into the circulation and 
>> lymphatic systems.  This syndrome can lead to the formation of 
>> gastrointestinal conditions, produce inflammatory immune response and 
>> autoimmune diseases.
There are web sites ( mostly complementary medicine) that contain 
information about the disorder.  A traditional western medicine  search, 
using "Pub Med" and keywords  "Leaky Gut Syndrome" , will take you to a 
German abstract (1999) and then you can find related articles.

At Dr. Julian Whitaker's clinic, in 1996, I was diagnosed with "Leaky 
Gut" via a blood test.

Recently, the Celiac dietician at the hospital in Banff, AB, made the 
connection between diabetes, Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome,  
allergies and the decline of organ functions.   She put together a lot 
of my health puzzle bits and gave me a lot of hope for an action plan to 
drop some of those pieces.

Hope this helps.  If anyone on the list has any info on this disorder I 
would appreciate hearing about it on or off our list.

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