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Re: [IP] Re: is diabetes really that bad

>When anyone who has had diabetes for 20 or more years, can find 
>aspects of the disease, they are simply lying. I've been diabetic for 
>years and the inevitable complications are so wearing on the the mind 
>body. To be honest, it sucks. All the psychotherapy I have been 
through and 
>none of the therapists seem to have a partial solution to help me 

Hmm.  That's quite a claim.  I've had my diabetes for more than 20 
years now, and I STILL don't think it is so bad.  Complications are NOT 
inevitable.  However, even though there is a STRONG chance of 
complications, it doesn't worry me.  God will not allow me to go 
through more than I can handle.  What person can add a single hour to 
his/her life by worrying?  For now, I have diabetes, and do the best I 
can to treat it.  If, down the road, I have horrible 
complications...then I'll deal with it at that time.  It doesn't do a 
bit of good worrying about it now, because it won't change the outcome 
UNLESS the worrying prompts one to take better care of themselves.

For all the effort people put into worrying about complications of 
diabetes, you are probably MORE likely to be affected by OTHER things, 
such as car accidents, other illnesses such as cancer or heart disease 
(which is not necessarily caused by the diabetes itself). 

I am NOT lying, nor living in denial.  I'm simply living the live God 
gave me for the time being, and dealing with my diabetes as best I know 
how in the meantime.  :-)

For everyone: My original question wasn't do you wish you did or didn't 
have it...but is it that bad.  I can't imagine anyone saying they wish 
there was a cure...but given that there isn't, is life all that bad 
because of diabetes?  (For those parents of diabetics...I understand, 
as a parent with a child with severe food allergies, the stress it can 
cause a parent...but hopefully seeing that the outcome for those 
children is not NEARLY as bad as you probably imagine for them might 
help you to relax a little.  :-) 
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