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Re: [IP] Re: contradictions, or is it really that bad

You are correct, there are some cancers that are curable or go into remission
but there are some that aren't as well. I had a high school friend that was
diagnosed with cancer, wasn't even treatable, spread throughout his body and
died 6 months after diagnoses. I would much rather be diagnosed with a disease
like diabetes then one like aids where you pretty much know that you are going
to die and most aids deaths are not very pleasant. Instead of having such a
negative attitude against something that is going to be with us for the rest
of our lives but something that we do have some sort of control over, we
should have a positive attitude and learn to live with it and accept it. There
are so many worse things in life that can happen, for starters, we could've
died instead of being diagnosed with diabetes, we could have been a vegetable
or lost all movement of our bodies and have to spend the rest of lives in a
wheel chair that we control via our mouth or one arm which is the only arm
that moves.

I have one child and one on the way and I know that their chances for getting
diabetes is a little higher, but it's not like 100% higher or anything and I
am prepared if they do by the unfortunate chance, get diabetes because I have
lived with it and gone through so many things so I will be able to provide
support for them as well.

We all need to wake up and look at our attitude and change it. We have to
think, okay, I have diabetes (or so and so has diabetes) and we have to live
it with and deal with it, we can't change that, so am I going to have a
negative attitude towards it, feel sorry for myself and let it effect my
disease, my life and my children for the rest of my life, or am I going to
accept it, deal with it and say okay, I have diabetes but I am going to
control it the best that I can and pray that things go well?

Jacqui Hall

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I agree totally with Marissa.  Diabetes does not guarantee that our kids won't
get any of the other diseases and if they do, they will be 10 times worse that
a non-D simply because of the nature of the beast!  Even some kinds of cancer
can be cured or go into remission.  I am even more frustrated that I, as the
grandparent of a Type I dx'd one year ago, have absolutely NO CONTROL over any
of my g-daughter's diabetes issues, much less her mother who has had Type I
for 32 years.  I wish my daughter was as attentive to her diabetes and my
g-daughter's as you all are.  I asked her 2 or 3 times what the results of
their A1C's were that were taken almost 1 month ago and she can't seem to find
the time to call and ask the doctor.  She said "if they're bad - they'll let
me know".  Like she doesn't care - she isn't even curious.  They both went on
the pump this past July and it would be nice to know if their A1C's have
improved being on the pump.  I wish she belonged to this list or !
the parents of diabetes.com list that I am also on - but she homeschools
because of my g-daughter's diabetes and puts 100% of her energy into that.
She's almost obsessed with it - they way I am obsessed with quality of life
for diabetes and these mailing lists.   But I have absolutely no power or
choice in these matters.  It's very frustrating.  It's good in one way she
doesn't make D her life's work or obsess about it - but there should be a
happy medium.  Any suggestions to help me deal with all this and keep what
little sanity I'm hanging on to?  Thanks

Tammy, mom to Joely, dx'd 1970; g-ma to Emma, dx'd 2001; both pumping 7-18-02

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> Is it really that bad?  Speaking as the mother of a child who was diagnosed
> at age 7, yes it really is that bad.  I would and will do anything in my
> power to help find a cure for my son and to keep him healthy and happy
> that day comes.  Why don't I feel lucky that he didn't get cancer instead?
> For many reasons.  One certainly being that having diabetes does not
> him from getting cancer or any other disease.  And if he does develop some
> other awful disease (or gets in an accident or even gets a 'simple' stomach
> flu for that matter), now it will be that much more difficult to treat him
> with the added difficulties of simulating a glucose responsive, food
> metabolizing system.  Also, I must have missed the memo that guaranteed
> he will not die from diabetes.  I didn't realize that hypoglycemia was no
> longer a threat and that the medical community has developed a way to stave
> off all complications.
> I don't let my son know all of these feelings and he is a very happy and
> amazingly confident person.  But I will never give up hope that a cure will
> be found for the disease that has stolen his childhood and
> threatens his
> life.
> Respectfully,
> Marisa
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