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Re: [IP] Re: contradictions, or is it really that bad

I agree totally with Marissa.  Diabetes does not guarantee that our kids won't get any of the other diseases and if they do, they will be 10 times worse that a non-D simply because of the nature of the beast!  Even some kinds of cancer can be cured or go into remission.  I am even more frustrated that I, as the grandparent of a Type I dx'd one year ago, have absolutely NO CONTROL over any of my g-daughter's diabetes issues, much less her mother who has had Type I for 32 years.  I wish my daughter was as attentive to her diabetes and my g-daughter's as you all are.  I asked her 2 or 3 times what the results of their A1C's were that were taken almost 1 month ago and she can't seem to find the time to call and ask the doctor.  She said "if they're bad - they'll let me know".  Like she doesn't care - she isn't even curious.  They both went on the pump this past July and it would be nice to know if their A1C's have improved being on the pump.  I wish she belonged to this list or the parents of diabetes.com list that I am also on - but she homeschools because of my g-daughter's diabetes and puts 100% of her energy into that.  She's almost obsessed with it - they way I am obsessed with quality of life for diabetes and these mailing lists.   But I have absolutely no power or choice in these matters.  It's very frustrating.  It's good in one way she doesn't make D her life's work or obsess about it - but there should be a happy medium.  Any suggestions to help me deal with all this and keep what little sanity I'm hanging on to?  Thanks  

Tammy, mom to Joely, dx'd 1970; g-ma to Emma, dx'd 2001; both pumping 7-18-02

In a message dated Thu, 26 Sep 2002 3:23:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted writes:

> Is it really that bad?  Speaking as the mother of a child who was diagnosed
> at age 7, yes it really is that bad.  I would and will do anything in my
> power to help find a cure for my son and to keep him healthy and happy until
> that day comes.  Why don't I feel lucky that he didn't get cancer instead?
> For many reasons.  One certainly being that having diabetes does not protect
> him from getting cancer or any other disease.  And if he does develop some
> other awful disease (or gets in an accident or even gets a 'simple' stomach
> flu for that matter), now it will be that much more difficult to treat him
> with the added difficulties of simulating a glucose responsive, food
> metabolizing system.  Also, I must have missed the memo that guaranteed that
> he will not die from diabetes.  I didn't realize that hypoglycemia was no
> longer a threat and that the medical community has developed a way to stave
> off all complications.
> I don't let my son know all of these feelings and he is a very happy and
> amazingly confident person.  But I will never give up hope that a cure will
> be found for the disease that has stolen his childhood and 
> threatens his
> life.
> Respectfully,
> Marisa
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