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[IP] Re: Pregnancy and Highs

I handled my experience with high blood sugars , in my last term of 
pregnancy, with very aggressive monitoring and continual adjustments.  I 
recall testing once an hour and doing injections as needed.  I also 
tested throughout the night.  I adopted an "in training attitude" 
towards the night time "wake-ups".  Figured that my baby would be waking 
up lots in the night so my BS night time testing was good prep for the 
next phase.

I have wondered if my hypothyroid condition ( diagnosed 6 months after 
Noah was born) actually developed during my pregnancy.  Thyroid problems 
can play havoc with our BSs.  Thyroid tests were not done during my 

I'm sure you won't encounter this....but  just in case ....after my son 
was born he had trouble swallowing so he spent one day in Intensive Care 
and then moved to an Observation Nursery for two weeks .  I asked for a 
breast pump so he could have breast milk fed to him.  I was refused a 
breast pump;  was told that diabetic mothers couldn't make breast milk.

It was a weekend.  I didn't find help for a week.    Vancouver, Canada 
had a leading "breast feeding" research centre and I made contact with 
them;  was given a "safe" pill to activate everything (I would not have 
needed a "pill" if I had been able to get a breast pump at the hospital) 
and breast fed my son for two years.

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