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I just joined the list about 2 weeks ago.  If my topic
is not appropriate please let me know.
As I said in my introduction post I have many other
autoimmune illnesses.  Beside diabetes I also have
Interstitial Cystitis, celiac and fibromyalgia.  Of
course I see many specialists.  I am having a major
problem with swelling in my hands, feet, ankles and
legs.  I also have tremendous pain there.  Since
Interstitial Cystitis and Fibromyalgia also present
with pain we are having a hard time figuring out what
is coming from what.
My endo told me to wait until my diabetes is under
control.  He does not believe there is actual
swelling.  He told me it just feels that way.  I told
him people have noticed it and he said you can get
people to believe whatever you want.
The Rheumotolgist also said wait until my numbers are
under control.  I have no idea what time frame she
I have been on the pump for 6 weeks.  My numbers have
never been better.  I did have an ultra sound and 24
hour urine catch to check the kidneys because of the
swelling but nothing showed.
My primary doctor thought we should test for
but the pain specialist I go to said it is too soon. 
She felt it is too early for anything to show up.
I am 49 years old, not over weight and working full
time. I have only had Diabetes for two years.
Walking is very difficult.  I manage to put in a full
day but can't tell you how painful it is.
I know there is a doctor on the list and hopefully
other professionals.  If you have any ideas of what I
should do please let me know.

Paradigm pump since August 11.  Very happy with this pump

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