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[IP] Re: is diabetes really that bad

Just wanted to share my two cents...I was diagnosed at age 12 (20 years ago 
this year), and did fine with my shots while I was in the hospital (you 
stayed a week when you were diagnosed in those days, at least where I lived). 
 But when we got home, all of a sudden I decided I didn't really feel like 
dealing with it and refused to give my shot.  My mom couldn't give me my 
shots either--she would have to have my dad come home from work to do it.  
(This only lasted two or three days, and he was over it.)  Not that I thought 
my mom was a wimp, but I always wondered if other moms were the same way.  
I'm sure if my dad hadn't been around she would have learned to deal with it 
(or to make me do it myself!), but it's kind of nice to hear she wasn't the 
only one.

In some ways I do think diabetes is that bad--but I also think some of that 
depends on how you look at it.  Right now I have a very negative eye towards 
it because I found out yesterday that my eye doctor wants to start treating 
me for glaucoma (which I didn't even know I had), and was denied my test 
strips because my new, awful insurance that completely sucks won't pay for 
them till Sunday.  But once I get over that I'll feel better about it again.  
I still do resent having to think about it 24 hours a day, but the fact that 
it forces me to eat better and exercise is, for me, not a bad thing.  Without 
diabetes I would do neither of those things.

My depression originally set in when I was dumped by someone I really thought 
I loved who couldn't stand the sight of a needle and was intimidated by any 
kind of illness.  It broke my heart and brought on a major depression that I 
sometimes still deal with and still take medication for.  After that 
experience, I had to start looking really hard for something good about 

Kristin (who is also from Denver)
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