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[IP] Re: DKA

> <<I am curious on how some people on this list are telling me that I was not 
> in 
> DKA. I don't want to sound rude , and I appologize if it comes out this 
> way, 
> but where any of you here in my apartment in Chicago with me?? Where you 
> watching me throw up? Watching me test?>>

     I'm curious--how do you know for sure you are in DKA without testing the 
blood's pH?  
     My little girl went into DKA in August and like you, I knew she was in 
DKA and phoned ahead to the hospital to tell the paediatrician I was bringing 
her in.
     I don't think the doctor thought she was in DKA, rather she thought it 
was only the run-up stage.  We were in the bed in the ER over 3 hours and 
they still hadn't given her any insulin or started the IV line, so I gave her 
an insulin injection myself.  Then the doc thought to get the blood tests 
done and seemed surprised that the pH showed DKA.  
     You are lucky if you can treat it yourself at home, my daughter couldn't 
even keep down an ounce of water.  In the next two days they gave her 140 ml 
of IV solution every hour.  She came out of hospital a lot heavier LOL!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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