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[IP] Re: retinopathy

>>> <snip>  She's having trouble seeing the board at school again and so we
need to get her in for another eye exam.  I remember when I first got
glasses (at about her age) that I needed new Rx's fairly frequently at the
beginning >>>

My son (non-DMer) had to have his glasses upgraded every year starting at
age 6. By the time he was 18 he had pretty thick glasses. The opt. said
contacts may slow the digression. He is now (age 40) still wearing the same
Rx as age 18. It did slow it down.

> the one complication that she worries about is  retinopathy (and "ending
> blind") -- and that one way I can help her with this is to be able to give
> her a description of how someone with retinopathy can tell they have
> retinopathy (i.e. how your eyesight changes).

That is up to a retinologist or ophthalmologist (off-thal-mal-ogist). They
look into dilated eyes and can see if there is any bleeding.

> I already told her that even
> if she were to start developing retinopathy that getting her eyes checked
> regularly means that it would be caught long before she could notice any
> difference in her vision,

mmmmmm - my vision was watched for several years and within 5 weeks time I
went from 20/50 to 20/400 with correction. About 3 weeks before the 20/50 I
had been Rx'd new glasses by my eyeologist and had vision good enough to
drive (20/40 in at least one eye with correction). I hope she has had
dilated checkups each time.

> but she insists that she wants to know what it's
> like for someone who has retinopathy to the point that it has begun to
> their vision.  Can anyone out there help me with a description of what
> they've experienced?

Yeah - I couldn't see my face features in the mirror - walking into a
grocery store and seeing those large hanging signs over the aisles were just
blurry. I couldn't read any labels and the stocked shelves were a mass of
run-togethers. In the cold weather to warm the car, we take it out of the
garage and into the sun so it's *pre-heated*. I could only drive as far as
out of the garage and back into it. I wrote important phone numbers on a pad
1.5" high with a Sharpie so I could read them.

On a happier note, I had a vitrectomy and was *laid up* (literally - on the
couch with 15 drops a day that put me to sleep much of the time). That
lasted 3 months of recovery. I now have 20/20 vision in that eye withOUT
correction and I praise the Lord everytime I drive down our street and can
see individual leaves on the trees a couple blocks away. Dr. Hrisomalos in
Indy is the best! YMMV  (~_^)

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