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Re: [IP] Re: contradictions, or is it really that bad

I think that all of us who have diabetes or who are in someway dealing with
diabetes can't wait for the day for the cure to come but I'm 20 yrs old and
have been told by scientists who have dealt with the disease that it probably
won't even happen in my life time so hopefully our children have more success.
I had my first child almost 2 yrs ago and the pregnancy was awful and my child
had to go to Special Care because of low blood glucose and she was a huge baby
as well and they had to use forceps but I was thankful that she was alive and
now she's doing just great. Now that I am in my second pregnancy, it is still
awful, even after being on the pump but it's not the end of the world.

I know that my mother was thankful for the fact that I was diagnosed with a
disease that for the most part I could try and control and not a disease that
controlled me (most of the time). Hypoglycemia is certainly a threat and I
don't believe that anyone has said it isn't a threat, most people have most
likely had some sort of traumatic experience with low blood glucose and that
can be scary and life threatening but you don't normally hear of people dying
from low blood glucose.

Diabetes doesn't stop me from getting cancer or anything like that but cancer
doesn't stop patients who have it from getting diabetes or any other disease
or virus either. As for getting sick, yeah it's a little more complicated but
not too bad and normally the sickness doesn't hang around for long at all if
it's something like the stomach flu. Gosh, having diabetes is also very
expensive, especially in America but unfortunately there is not a thing any of
us can do about it except control it the best that we can and in trust of
faith in the Lord that he will protect us. Everyone knows how awful having
diabetes is but I am thankful that I still have my life and have a chance at
life. Having diabetes has also made me a lot stronger and has made me
appreciate my life a lot more.

Those people who have had diabetes for 20,40 yrs I have great admiration for
and they should be thankful that they have lived that long, even with a
disease. I would much rather live with diabetes for 40 yrs then with Downs
Syndrome or MS or something like Aids that slowly kills you. We do have some
form of control over our diabetes and with good control, we can live for a
long time and have our body still together.

I was diagnosed at the age of 14 yrs old which is a teen but none the less,
was just awful, especially when my friends would go out late at night and have
parties and things like that and I would never be allowed to go. To say though
but my teen years were stolen I think is an overstatement, I had great support
and most of my friends were very interested and understanding of the disease.
In yr 10, my best friend even saved my life because I had drunk alcohol for
the first time and next thing, I awoke in the hospital but I still wouldn't
say that I had a stolen childhood. Things that my friends did like drinking
and smoking are bad for you anyway and after I awhile, I realized this thought
that I was luckier then they were for not drinking and smoking and making  a
fool out of myself.

I know that I will probably make a few people mad by reading this email and
that is not my intention at all and I apologize if I do offend anyone but I am
sick of hearing all the complaints. We are not dying, we are not on our death
beds, we are living, taking care of children, living our day to day lives with
something that requires a little more attention then anything else but like I
keep saying, at least we are alive and can control this disease for the most
part. As for the complications, with good blood sugars the chances decrease
and being 20 yrs old, I don't even think about something that could happen to
me in 20,30 or even 40 yrs time because I would most likely be depressed and
my diabetes would be a lot worse so something would happen later on, no one in
this world has a perfect life and you will probably find that somewhere a long
the way most people suffer in some way or another, whether it be physical or
mental and even though it may not seem as complicated or awful as having
diabetes, I'm sure to those people, it's just as bad, I am just very thankful
for the time that I do have and thankful that I can be a mom, a wife and
basically whatever I want to be and as I long as I take a little more care, do
whatever I want to do.

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