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[IP] Re: contradictions, or is it really that bad

>Re: [IP] Re: contradictions, or is it really that bad

>IDDM is only a portion of your child...NOT the whole child!  Look at
>your child as one who has Diabetes and NOT one who IS DIABETIC.  It is
>an attitude.  IF you look at your child as Diabetic and you HATE
>diabetes...how is this attitude going to affect the child?
>I am thankful I NEVER knew as a child that it made my Mother
>physically ill each morning when she had to give me the Insulin shot!

My mom also got physically ill when she did my shots.  She also used to cry 
a lot.  I didn't know any of these things until pretty recently.  She never 
let me know that she was afraid, she never made me feel "different" about 
having D or being deaf.

My dad is the one I really respect though, in terms of helping me when I 
need help.  He is deathly afraid of needles, to the point of passing out 
looking at a lancet.  But, when I needed help doing a bg test at the mall 
when we were out one day, he did it.  When I have seizures in the middle of 
the night and the EMT's have to put in an IV line, Daddy is the one who 
holds onto me.  (He prolly closes his eyes and doesn't look at the needle, 
but still....)

That's why he is "Daddy" and not just "a dad".

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted

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