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Re: [IP]Billie's soapbox (was Diabetes cont.)

In a message dated 9/26/02 5:44:01 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> IF you are a parent who fears their child's future OR feel sad about
> your limitations as a parent of a child with IDDM...PLEASE QUIT!  IF
> your depressed...get some help...share your emotions with this
> list...BUT be aware that your feelng's can be limiting to your child!  

Excuse me? Please don't assume I convey anything to my child.....and, 
respectfully, your child was nearly grown at diagnosis...very different than 
a young child.....also, my brother was diagnosed in 1955 and there were many 
things he could not do and I watched him develop many complications which 
would have taken his life early had a gunshot not done so at the age of 35. 
My daughter is the bravest person I know and I am her biggest (along with her 
brother) supporter.....but I have seen her not breathing from this disease on 
three occasions, not to mention the many many seizures.....so I will keep my 
box of tissues in my bedroom handy....and I will pray for a cure......
Beverly, Mom to Mary, NINE!!, dx'd 9/97, pumping with Animas and Nick, who is 
now ten!
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