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[IP]Billie's soapbox (was Diabetes cont.)

I'd like to add to the advice offered to the parent's headed for the
kleenex box...

Like Billie...I was diagnosed Type I at age 6 1/2 years of age in
1957...my eldest child was diagnosed at age 17 years in 1988...
Like Billie....I am the IDDM child and the parent of an IDDM child...now
both of us adults.

IF you are a parent who fears their child's future OR feel sad about
your limitations as a parent of a child with IDDM...PLEASE QUIT!  IF
your depressed...get some help...share your emotions with this
list...BUT be aware that your feelng's can be limiting to your child!  
IDDM is only a portion of your child...NOT the whole child!  Look at
your child as one who has Diabetes and NOT one who IS DIABETIC.  It is
an attitude.  IF you look at your child as Diabetic and you HATE
diabetes...how is this attitude going to affect the child?   

I grew up in the 1950's...when Polio was rampant and prior to the Polio
vaccine.  The girl across the street had Polio and was crippled. She had
an obvious physical deformity.  Yet...the children in the neighborhood
saw her as Donna...and NOT as the poor girl on crutches with a leg
brace.  We all played with one another and accepted one another as who
we were.  

Your child has IDDM...your child is NOT IDDM.

Your emotions are normal...knowone wishes harm upon those they love...

I am thankful I NEVER knew as a child that it made my Mother physically
ill each morning when she had to give me the Insulin shot!

So...please be careful...allow your child with IDDM to feel normal!

Becky LaSpina 
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