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Re: [IP] Sorta OT but kinda relevant

You mean there's a chance your insurance co won't approve you for the  PUMP 
or just the education along with the pump?  You said "pump therapy".  I would 
think if the approve the pump -they will want you to get the therapy too.  At 
any rate, I can't imagine an insurance company that wouldn't approve the pump 
for a diabetic.  Don't take NO for an answer.  It's not like you get some 
kind of great enjoyment by having diabetes.  It's like refusing water to a 
fish.  Good luck.  Tammy

In a message dated 9/26/02 11:24:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>     I can barely contain myself waiting to find out if my insurance 
> approves
> me for pump therapy. I have gone from 11 years of Humulin R & NPH 
> constantly
> chasing insulin with food to Lantus/Novolog MDI eating once a day and 
> losing
> 31 pounds so far. I have thought out all of the negatives of being 
> permanently
> attached to a medical device, maybe having bad sites, skin infections, bad
> customer service, and ad nauseum. But I am still almost ecstatic at the
> thought of getting the pump with the hope of control it may give me.
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