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[IP] dka

>>>>. My
question is
this: Is it normal to go into DKA with BGs going no higher than 264? I
have before, everytime I have its been a whole lot higher.

dxd age 7 1988 pump 6/92-6/00 (MM506/507) 8/12/02 Paradigm<<<<<<

adriana-- YES!!! over the past several months as i got under better and
better control with the
pump, i would go into DKA with sugars of 200 and 220 and it drove me NUTS.
my doc said that as i
got used to being normal (70-140) my body would react more severely to less
high sugars. he also
said that the awful feelings might resolve after a while. it has been almost
three months since i
started throwing up for everything over 180 and it is finally going away. i
guess there is a
longer period of adjustment than i thought; but then again if you think
about it, when you're in
poor control your body feels like it's under siege-- and i was that was for
nine years. for now,
you just have to stay on top of those highs and hopefully you'll start
feeling better eventually.

lol-- i know *exactly* what you mean about class! there are days when i
would rather go and feel
like i was going to die than miss a crucial lecture the week before an exam!
(the nonstudents on
this list must think we are crazy.) carrying an insulin pen is a great idea
though; i dont have
any so i just carry a syringe to suck insulin out of my cartridge if i need

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)
It depends on how you define normal. Physicians believe that you can't go
into DKA at bgs less than 250, but even I know that is not true. certainly
you can go into DK below 250 (Diabetic Ketosis) DKA is ketoacidosis, this
means you are making so much aceto acetic Acid and beta Hydroxybuteric Acid
That your "pH buffering system is broken and you go to sleep" A sample of
your blood shows lousy Co2 Combining power (<7) and pH <7.4" A picture of
metabolic acidosis. Every pumper should carry a pen or a syringe and needle
as well as regular insulin if you don't want to carry the vial of insulin go
to a pharmacy and ask for it, you don't need a prescription anyplace in the
world to get regular insulin." [ If you don't heed this advice you are
violating the first of Parkinson's laws]
DK is what you are referring to DKA is very different. I get DK at 220, I
feel blech and don't know how many cylinders are in a V-8 Bugati Special.
the next few hours are spent worshiping the porcelin god. drinking water,
gatoraide, to get the K i'm not getting and the Na that I am peeing away. I
always need to take a nap and when I wake up I feel better, I set my basal
rate ahead 20% before sleeping. Untreated DK can always lead to DKA. spot

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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