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I don't know if my input helps you because I'm not a parent of a diabetic 
child. I have had diabetes for 10 years and the first five I did great and 
never got down, ever. I just convinced myself that I was taking the best care 
of myself and attaining excellent BG control and therefore my life would be 
good and I wouldn't get complications, etc.
Then things got harder to control as life got more complicated and reality 
set in. I became depressed and it perpetuated the situation. I decided to go 
on the pump so that life's complications wouldn't turn into diabetes 
complications and I could be more flexible. I couldn't sustain being the 
perfect patient. The pump brought my day to day physical health back, has 
allowed me to be more active and improved my psyche some, but now I'm in the 
process of treating the depression too.  As you've probably read before, 
diabetes and depression go hand in hand but it certainly can sneak up on you 
way after you think you've got everything figured out. I don't think it matt
ers that you are not diabetic. Being a parent of a diabetic is in a lot of 
ways harder, I think.
So, that's the long answer to your question. I would not hesitate in seeking 
treatment for your depression.
Good luck,
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

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<< So is there anyone else with belated depression like this?

Anne >>
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