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Re: [IP] Re: contradictions, or is it really that bad

Is it really that bad?  Speaking as the mother of a child who was diagnosed
at age 7, yes it really is that bad.  I would and will do anything in my
power to help find a cure for my son and to keep him healthy and happy until
that day comes.  Why don't I feel lucky that he didn't get cancer instead?
For many reasons.  One certainly being that having diabetes does not protect
him from getting cancer or any other disease.  And if he does develop some
other awful disease (or gets in an accident or even gets a 'simple' stomach
flu for that matter), now it will be that much more difficult to treat him
with the added difficulties of simulating a glucose responsive, food
metabolizing system.  Also, I must have missed the memo that guaranteed that
he will not die from diabetes.  I didn't realize that hypoglycemia was no
longer a threat and that the medical community has developed a way to stave
off all complications.

I don't let my son know all of these feelings and he is a very happy and
amazingly confident person.  But I will never give up hope that a cure will
be found for the disease that has stolen his childhood and threatens his

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