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Re: [IP] Cigna Insurance

> My Friend's husband is starting a new job for a company that has
> it's head Quarters in California.  (His family lives in New York,
> thus their doctors are in NY)  He has a 7 year old daughter who is
> on an insulin Pump(4 years).  Cigna's HR rep told him that his
> daughter's Diabetes was a "pre existing" condition and wouldn't be
> covered!  Can they do that?! The family is currently on COBRA
> because he had lost his job,and the COBRA ends in 2 months!  What
> are their options?  Between doctor appointments, BG strips, insulin,
> and pump supplies they'll go broke.

Nope, if they are currently covered, the law requires that the 
coverage with the new employer continue "fully" without interuption. 
All the insurance company can insist on is proof of current coverage.
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