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Re: [IP] Sorta OT but kinda relevant

Cody wrote:
> (The pump). I already have pictured myself pushing
> the buttons on the Paradigm giving me a bolus for my Italian Oven
> dinner when out with my wife some night in the future.
>     I have pictured my A1c's dropping below 8.1 and maybe having
>     energy to do
> that thing called ex. . . exer. . . exercise again! I miss my
> mountain bike rides. Maybe I will even get up in the morning one day
> and feel actually good.
>     Even if I don't get any spectacular benefits from pump therapy
>     if I can
> just have some more time with my wife and mutts, and die of
> something other than diabetes or its complications then that will be
> enough.

All of your expectations are not only reasonable but very probable. 
My (then 11 yo) daughter managed to achieve every one of your 
expectations and then some, including the the Italian dinner out with 
"my" wife (and me too). I have to admit they didn't come in that 
order. It was more like....
15 min after going on the pump.... MacDonalds apple pie
the next day.... hot fudge sundae at B&R
..... need I say more :-)

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