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Re: [IP] Re: DKA

My mom has treated me when I was in DKA for years. My endos have trusted her 
and we kept in constant contact  with them. No offense, but I think that out 
of the many times I have been in DKA I would know when I am in DKA. I don't 
need a doctor to tell me. The reasons I have landed in the ER are because I 
had been sick before hand and was unable to actually take proper care of 
myself. Nobody knows my body like I do. My endo and various ER doctors told 
me one way of staying away from the ER is to suck on ice. Each person is 
different. My endo(s) know me well enough to trust me when I tell them what 
is going on with my body. A newly diagnosed person should not self treat, I 
agree, but after almost 14 years 11 of wich I have averaged 300+ I know how 
to treat myself... on my endo's advisement. 

I am curious on how some people on this list are telling me that I was not in 
DKA. I don't want to sound rude , and I appologize if it comes out this way, 
but where any of you here in my apartment in Chicago with me?? Where you 
watching me throw up? Watching me test?

Im sorry to go off on in a rage. I appologize, just have to get this off of 
my chest.

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