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Re: [IP] Cigna Insurance

As long as you have had continuous coverage there is not such thing as 
pre-existing conditions. That is what the laws were written for.  Your 
previous insurance company will/should provide you with a letter of 
continuous coverage and you should give it to the new company.  You may 
not have gotten one yet since you coverage has not ended yet.  Someone 
correct if I am wrong.


Maeve Kelly wrote:

>My Friend's husband is starting a new job for a company that has it's
>head Quarters in California.  (His family lives in New York, thus their
>doctors are in NY)  He has a 7 year old daughter who is on an insulin
>Pump(4 years).  Cigna's HR rep told him that his daughter's Diabetes was
>a "pre existing" condition and wouldn't be covered!  Can they do that?!
>The family is currently on COBRA because he had lost his job,and the
>COBRA ends in 2 months!  What are their options?  Between doctor
>appointments, BG strips, insulin, and pump supplies they'll go broke.
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